The Company

XCEL TECH is a leading provider of eco-friendly, innovative technologies and solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Our aim is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable Australia by bringing technology solutions to technical problems in a way that is effective and innovative. Our focus is on tackling the problems that are delaying us from reaching carbon zero targets – from electrifying heavy trucks and designing containerized, modular charge and energy storage infrastructure solutions to providing autonomous robotic systems for every-day life tasks.

The company was founded in 2022 to bring developing and developed energy, automation, and electronic technologies and products to the Australian market. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are committed to delivering highly reliable and sustainable products and services to our customers. With a focus on excellence and innovation, we strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients and make a positive impact on the world.

What we do

We are committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions and are always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help our clients to do the same. We understand the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in creating a sustainable future for the next generation. We are excited to explore cooperation opportunities and believe that together we can make a significant impact in the sustainable energy industry.

We can specify and design a product, have it built, tested, certified and inspected in Australia to make sure it meets local requirements. We employ the services of qualified Australian staff to fix any issues, ensuring compliance with local safety and electrical codes and sending feedback to the factory for a rapid turnaround.

Why we do it

We bring technical solutions to problems of energy storage, renewables and automation/electrification of transport in Australia, promoting 21st century technologies that will transform our lives while safely protecting the environment.

What makes us different

Our shareholders holding a major ownership stake in the manufacturing business give us an unusually close relationship with the factory floor. We are not reliant on outsourced contract manufacturers as a key shareholder in our company is a major OEM manufacturer in our supply chain, thus eliminating barriers in providing our clients with timely solutions.


XCEL TECH Provides Product Support and Warranty Claims in Australia.

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