Heavy Vehicle (HV) Modification

XCEL TECH specializes in converting traditional Heavy Vehicle (HV) diesel-fueled trucks to electric vehicles. Our team of experienced engineers works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide custom solutions that meet their requirements. Using the latest technology and equipment, we ensure that the conversion process is done seamlessly and the performance of the vehicle is not affected.

Our service includes the installation of electric drivetrain components, battery management systems, and charging infrastructure (Energy Containerised Solution). We also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the vehicle is running at optimal performance. Not only does it reduce emissions and improve air quality, but it also helps to reduce operational costs and improve energy efficiency.

Our service is designed to be cost-effective and efficient, allowing our clients to make the transition to electric vehicles as smoothly as possible. At XCEL TECH, we are committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions and helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Microgrid System SA

Designing and Building Infrastructure for a Micro-grid System in South Australia

One of our most notable projects involved the designing and building a Main Switch Board (MSB) container and three battery storage containers for a micro-grid system in South Australia. The system was equipped with 1.2 MW of solar power, 3 MW PCS (power conversion system) and a 3.6 MWh LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery storage capacity. The micro-grid system was housed in four shipping containers and was designed to provide reliable and sustainable energy to a retail store.

The micro-grid system allows the retail store to reduce their dependence on the grid and generate their own clean energy, which in turn helps them reduce their carbon footprint and business operating costs. Additionally, the system provides energy security for the store during power outages and grid disturbances.

The project was a huge success and received widespread recognition in the industry. It serves as a model for other companies and organizations looking to implement sustainable energy solutions.