Heavy Vehicle (HV) Modification

XCEL TECH is helping mining companies transition from traditional fuel-powered trucks.

XCEL TECH’s Heavy Vehicle (HV) modification service is focused on helping companies transition from traditional fuel-powered trucks to new-energy electric vehicles. Our team of experts will modify HVs and equip them with a fully electric solution, including the software management system, providing a sustainable solution for the industry. To keep your newly converted Electric Vehicle running, we can also provide the required Electro-Infrastructure, including the required Charging Stations to ensure it is charged and ready for use when you need it. Please have a look at the solutions page for more information.


The conversion of trucks to electric power can bring significant benefits to companies through reducing their carbon footprint, improving efficiency and reliability, and taking advantage of the latest technology to drive their business forward. We understand the importance of customization and our team will collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements and customize a solution that meets their specific needs and budget. Our goal is to provide a tailored and cost-effective solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by each client.

With XCEL TECH’s Heavy Vehicle modification service, companies can take the first step towards a greener, more sustainable future and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Whether you are a small operation or a large corporation, XCEL TECH’s Heavy Vehicle modification service provides the expertise, technology, and support to help you achieve your goals. Let us help you transition to a cleaner, more efficient future today.