Energy Storage Unit

BRE-B-10K Serial

BRE-B-14K Serial

BRE Series 10kWh and 14 kWh

Product code: BRE-B-10K

Product code: BRE-B-14K

CEC Approved: Date: 28/02/2023

BRE-B-10K OLiPower Pre-assembled Battery System
BRE-B-14K OLiPower Pre-assembled Battery System

This DC coupled system is compatible with various global top inverter brands. It is a high safety standard of LFP (LiFePO4) cell.
The long life battery design is supported by efficient equalization technology.
Advanced BMS protection functions

  • Flexible, modular design.
  • Service life of over 10 years.
  • Floor-mounted or wall-mounted.
  • Simple and fast to install.
  • Outdoor use
  • Can host multiple energy storage units.
  • Can connect in parallel.

It can be installed in:

  • a house with existing solar PV system
  • an off-grid house
  • a house without any solar PV system.
Models BRE-B-10K BRE-B-14K
Rated energy 9.6kWh  14.336kWh 
Rated voltage 48 V 51.2 V
Communication  RS485 / RS232 / WiFi / CAN
Cell type LFP (LiFeO4)
IP grade IP54
Parallel connection Up to 8
Weight 100 kg  140 kg