Raython Model 1

All-in-One Standalone

Off-Grid Solar Power System

For Outdoor Use


Off-Grid Solar Power System

Experience the ease of going off-grid with reliable solar power systems and high-efficiency inverters, embracing clean energy benefits.

Easy Installation

Swiftly install the all-in-one design, simplifying your setup process and enjoying its convenience.


Embrace outdoor use with IP54 protection, while promoting eco-friendliness through lower pollution, noise, and fuel consumption.

Without registration: Kinergier Pro – 4 yrs, Apollo Matrix – 4 yrs.
With registration: On TBB NOVA portal nova.tbbpower.com an additional 1-year free warranty will increase the warranty to 5 years.

10 Year Warranty: 5 + 5 For a 10% surcharge on the net price for products that came with a 5-year warranty, an additional 5 years of warranty can be purchased, increasing the total warranty to 10 years.

Raython Model 1
5 kW Hybrid inverter + 5 to 20 kWh battery storage

  • Ideal solution for holiday houses or single-family houses that have no access to the grid power and the users often use generators as their power supply
  • Low pollution and low fuel consumption, a perfect solution for people who pursue a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Expertly assembled, tested, and shipped as a complete system
  • On arrival, the Raython system is ready to install, and the all-in-one design makes it easy to install and saves you precious time.
  • Raython Model 1 and Model 2 Systems are designed for applications with a daily power use from 10kWh-20kWh, to meet your different power needs.
Solar Hybrid Inverter:
3kW – 15kW Single Phase
9kW – 45kW Three Phase
PV Inverter:
3kW – 10kW Single Phase
9kW – 30kW Three Phase
5.04kWh -161.28kWh
Raython 1

We Use and Recommend Goodwe-logo Ultra-lightweight Solar Panels

Galaxy Series

Ultra-lightweight Design

The ultra-lightweight design makes it possible for roofs with a low load-bearing capacity to install PV systems compared with conventional PV modules, catering to more application scenarios.

Impact Resistance

The integrated tempered glass provides better mechanical performance to protect cells from deformation by hail and wind, which helps ensure optimal power generation.

Various installation methods

Ultra-lightweight design

High reliability

High power generation

Kinergier Pro 8 kW Hybrid Inverter

  • E4 LCD Monitor
  • For local system monitoring and control
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter Kinergier Pro 8 kW
  • AC charger + Inverter + MPPT charger + AC transfer switch (50A)
  • Max output power 8000W

Battery – LB51100 5kWh Lithium

Product code: AU-XT- LB51100

  • CEC Approved: 28/02/2023
  • Description: Rack Systems
  • On-grid and off-grid
  • Standard 19″ Rack design
  • Communication support CAN/RS485/RS232
  • System is extended by parallel connection

Monitor – E4 LCD

  • TBB E4 is an intelligent central LCD touch monitor, providing intuitive, local, and real-time control and monitoring for all TBS off-grid systems and energy storage systems. Meanwhile, it can connect the system to the TBB NOVA online portal to monitor the system remotely.

Monitoring Portal – TBB Nova

  • Live data and status overview and system analysis
  • System configuration and parameter setting
  • Customizable alarm setting
  • Detailed report for power harvest, storage and consumption in visual chart and graph
  • WEB compatible for Windows and Mac PC
  • APP available for Android and iOS phone
  • Its power assist function enables limited AC source to power heavy loads with the assistance of battery power.
  • NOVA Web & App for system monitoring

PV combiner box

  • PVB Series PV combiner box is designed for solar off-grid system available with series of max VOC 150Vdc and 250Vdc.
  • It can be used between PV array and solar charge controller or a solar inverter. With built-in MC4 connector, fuse, circuit breaker and SPD, it can facilitate the installation as well as improve the system safety. Built in fuses for each string of PV against short circuit.
  • The built-in Surge Protection Device will effectively protect the connected charger or solar inverter. Built-in main DC MCB for easy maintenance. Adopting MC4 connectors provides simple and easy connection. Supplied with additional MC4 connectors used on PV array IP54, wall-mounted design
  • 3kW/5kW Single Phase 15kW Three Phase